Vibeke Lichten believes that Architecture is a deliberate act; it is an expression of our ethics and values. It is a reflection of our attitude towards space, responsible consumption of materials, renewable resources, and preservation of the greater natural and built environments. The most sophisticated designs are both technically and socially relevant to their era, therefore expressive of their time and place. Architectural excellence is rooted in design excellences, which draw meaning and value from their dialogue with form, function, and light.

A logical, in-depth investigation of program, identity, context, environmental and building technologies along with the knowledge and understanding of the properties of materials, the law of gravity, colors and textures, shadows and light, opaqueness and translucency, all contribute to the excitement in good design.

These design principles apply across the full spectrum of the physical environment, from large architectural projects, industrial design, furniture design, down to the smallest, most minute detail.

Vibeke Lichten, Registered Architect NY, PA

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

AMDP, Harvard Graduate School of Design